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Playing doctor

ANON WROTE: She asked if we would mind if a medical student came in to observe, we said no problem, that woman looked all of 12!! Definitely felt old that day (I am 42).

Fun to be 40

ROBIN WROTE: Yes, we are getting older, but why worry about the past? Find a hobby, enjoy your family, and do something for your community. It’s fun to be 40!

Wake up call

LYNNE WROTE: As hot as I became in my 40’s (best shape, looks, hair, muscles, body, confidence)….there was nothing like this wake-up call. Just walk down the street with your 20-year-old daughter – who has no idea of her sex appeal — and learn what really turns heads. Fortunately, I checked my ego and enjoyed the scene ….on her behalf.

No longer the youngest

MARI WROTE: I used to get, “You’re too young to be a doctor,” all the time, to the point that I would wear glasses to look more respected and older. Now we have residents 10 years younger than me and instead, I have to wear glasses to see the computer and the patients ask ME how old those young doctors are. Respect, I like, not having to apologize for my age, I don’t miss, but it still leaves me grieving that “too young to be a doctor” comment just a little…

24 with a bullet

SARAH WROTE: I don’t yet know what on Earth I’m going to do with my skills and new found power, but I’m gonna be fabulous all the way!

She's not a fan

DENISE IN SF WROTE: I would say your little gimmick is pretty stupid. Anyone, anywhere who feels the need to pigeonhole women into tidy little categories is adding to the problem.

Happy birthday, Sweet Adult Tween

NOELLE WROTE: I have two precious things in my life, one that makes me feel “hot” – the perfect little black dress – and one that makes me feel “formerly hot” – a 15 year old daughter. Her friend had a “club-themed” Sweet 16 party and the next thing I know my Little Black Dress walked out the door on my Little Girl. My clothes are going to parties I’m not invited to!

Fashion forward, people!

KIMBERLY WROTE: I teach fashion students and when they show up to class dressed like they’re on their way to a OMD concert I shutter and resist the urge to tell them they have stolen that outfit from my high school closet. Also, jealous that I’m NOT on my way to an OMD concert. SO I continue to wear my Ray-bans with love, nostalgia, baggage and all.

Suddenly the oldest

K WROTE: While my other friends are now on their second children, thinking about whether they can still wear short(ish) skirts, and getting divorced or remarried — my younger friends are still spending their summers going to 1st weddings and amazed that their other friends are old enough to purposely get pregnant.

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