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Formerly Not Hot

LEANNE WROTE: Am feeling self-generated pressure to maintain the physically fit, post-Menopause body I created within the last couple years. When does conscientious working out slink into obsession?

Do you need kids to be a MILF?

LAURA WROTE: I turned 32 this week, and am no longer officially young (thanks to Asher Roth’s MILF age qualifier of being at least 32 – I don’t even have KIDS, and I’m officially a frigging MILF?). When did I cross the line from Miss to Ma’am?

Formerly a working girl, still working hard

MG WROTE: Yes, you read it right. Not a Dolly Parton, 9 to 5, 401K, 2 weeks vacation a year, Christmas party working girl…the real kind….Now I have been sucked into the suburban portal of mommydom. Yikes!

Disconnected from my body

MARGARET WROTE: The 22-year-olds can have their belly rings, I’m perfectly content not being able to FIND my belly button….

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