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The plague has spread to Europe, where they're supposed to like "mature" women

CATHY WROTE: A dozen years ago when I first traveled there solo, hot guys practically dropped from the sky to squire me around town…Other than a shady, middle-aged Turk who followed me for several blocks on the streets of Stuttgart, I commanded no notice whatsoever.

Shine on, Shinehead!

JOSH WROTE: People always used to say I resembled John McEnroe, because of my curly dark hair. Now, on a good day, they say I look like Charlotte’s husband on Sex and the City. On a bad day, they say I look like George Costanza.

Not just hot–HOT SHIT!

The other day I saw three 20-something girls walking together, laughing, acting like they were the center of the universe. They stepped into the street, just assuming cars and other people would get out of the way and, because they were young and pretty, people did.

Formerly able to turn the world on with her smile

When stopped by the police for some small, non-lethal infraction, I used to be able to be at least hot enough or cute enough to get out of the ticket.

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