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You Know You're a Formerly When…

Regular readers will forgive this rerun, but I’m hoping a bunch of fresh eyes are on the site today after the TODAY Show appearence. After watching the book trailer (above) and this and this video (oh, and maybe this one,… Continue Reading →

Formerly afraid of birthdays

AMY WROTE: At my 16th Birthday, I was depressed because all the grown ups said this is the best time of your life, so I though it would soon be over and I would become one of them with nothing but dreary drudgery ahead. My 17th was like a wake; but lo and behold, I was never happier. Yet, I thought, “this is it , now I ‘m in for it. Nothing but shoulds from now on. Yet that year was even better and now at 72, I have never dreaded another birthday. Each year has been better than the last and the last one was great.

Forever 35

THE MIDLIFE GALS WROTE: I have decided to be 35. I am going to skip past the notion that 50 is the new forty and go down to the 30’s. It just sounds better and feels better too.

Do you need kids to be a MILF?

LAURA WROTE: I turned 32 this week, and am no longer officially young (thanks to Asher Roth’s MILF age qualifier of being at least 32 – I don’t even have KIDS, and I’m officially a frigging MILF?). When did I cross the line from Miss to Ma’am?

Step off my style, you little poseur!

INSLEE WROTE: What about that “they ruined it” feeling you get when you discover that your treasured, saved-money-up-for, big-ticket-handbag–the one that you finally purchased after waiting until was on markdown–is on the arm of most 13 year old girls at the mall! You are now forced to toss it aside, because you figure all who see you with it will assume you are trying to be one of them! THEY RUINED IT!

The sun is setting aging hipsters

JANINE WROTE: Does anyone else find the tv commercials for Mohegan Sun depressing? You know, the one that uses the music from “My Sharona” with dorky words about how the middle-aged fortysomethings in the commercial are going to bust out for the weekend, going nuts by going to Mohegan sun and gambling! Going to a chain restaurant! Staying up all night!

Previous proximity to the cutting edge of something

MARISA WROTE: There was a time when I used to pay $10 to go sit on the floor of every out-of-the-way downtown theater/basement/living room for one-person shows, trendy modern interpretations or Greek tragedies, etc.

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