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You Know You're a Formerly When…

Regular readers will forgive this rerun, but I’m hoping a bunch of fresh eyes are on the site today after the TODAY Show appearence. After watching the book trailer (above) and this and this video (oh, and maybe this one,… Continue Reading →

Kiss my mature ass

JESSICA WROTE: In our meeting he told me I looked older, he attempted to redeem himself by saying, “I mean more mature.” Ouch.

Dame in distress

CYNTHIA WROTE: I used to be able to count on manly types stopping to assist when auto failure haunted my travels….A recent breakdown found not a soul willing to offer a jump-start, and I knew I’d “crossed over.”

The old math

BROOKE WROTE: Did some math today. This year’s incoming college freshman were born in 1991. I wept very salty old lady tears.

Forever 35

THE MIDLIFE GALS WROTE: I have decided to be 35. I am going to skip past the notion that 50 is the new forty and go down to the 30’s. It just sounds better and feels better too.

Irked for my age

BEV WROTE: As I walked by, I had to smile as I heard one of them call out, “hey baby, you’re looking good…you’re looking sexy….”
My confidence was boosted until he finished his sentence, “…for your age.”
god. Can we please rewind that and cut the scene three words sooner? ha.

For what it's worth

LAURA WROTE: I went out to a bar with my single girlfriends. I am 38 and I got hit on by a 23 yr old who wanted to take me home – which made my night – UNTIL…as I was leaving, I saw him riding away ON A BIKE!!!!!

A two-year handicap

MARYANN WROTE: I’ll remain 45 until I finally look 45! HA!

Foxy for the 50th

ELAINE WROTE: To be honest, I don’t feel “formerly” hot – I just feel ‘hot’. Hey, I know I’m not young – not in denial. But hell, hot is hot… no matter what your driver’s license says 🙂

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