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Time warp

SNARLOTTA WROTE: …Lo and behold there was a picture of him on his university’s web site. and i immediately thought, ooh, hot older guy!…and then i saw in his CV that he graduated from college a year after I did.

A gray area

JULI WROTE: I’ve had more advice from women my age to color, saying “We’re too young to go gray.” Um, no we are not. We are coloring BECAUSE we are gray.

Reunion reality

CHRIS WROTE: I got an email and picture from a former classmate and almost went into cardiac arrest! This person looked “old”. The white hair, wrinkles, the whole enchilada as they say!! No No, this can’t be.

It's all relative

JULIE WROTE: My 87-yr-old mother in law reminds me that compared to her I am young and beautiful so “shut up and enjoy it!!!”

Oh yes it's '80s night and the feeling's…WRONG

AMY WROTE: Waiting in line with all the 21-year-olds who were dressed up in 80s clothes–they were BORN the year I graduated from high school! There is no way I am wearing 80s clothes again- I did that. I lived it and loved it, and to them it is just this retro trendy kitsch thing. Good lord, I could be their MOM!

Formerly Formerly Hot

LEANNE WROTE: This “hot” thing can make a complete circle. I devote a lot of time to myself because I can now, in my 40s. And when the compliments start, it’s hard to go back.

One toe over the line

HEIDI WROTE: I commented to my husband that I was going to be 41 this summer which was just fine by me. He reminded me that the year is 2009 and that I will actually be 42. Now, THAT seemed rather old!

Do you need kids to be a MILF?

LAURA WROTE: I turned 32 this week, and am no longer officially young (thanks to Asher Roth’s MILF age qualifier of being at least 32 – I don’t even have KIDS, and I’m officially a frigging MILF?). When did I cross the line from Miss to Ma’am?

Ooof, the accidental "mom cut"

MS. BENTLEY WROTE: I knew I was a Formerly when I walked into my father-in-law’s house (for a family dinner) sporting my new short and (I thought) hip hair style. The first thing that flew out my (younger) brother in law’s mouth was, “wow, you got a new hair-do! It’s so *mom-ish*.” Yikes! All I could hear were the words echoing in my head…*mom-ish*…*mom-ish*…*MOM-ISH*!!! Not the look I was going for.

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