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She's a Maniac 2.0

CARRIE WROTE: Every year at the high school where I teach, many students’ interpretation of 80’s-wear on “Time Warp Day” makes me feel like I’ve been transported backstage at the filming of “Flashdance.” Did we ever really dress like that?

There oughta be a law!

ALMA WROTE: I think it is ageist to make anyone older than 30 have to scroll down really far to find the year they were born when registering for something on line or purchasing an item.

Formerly YOUNG

NATALIE WROTE: As I looked around the room of mostly young women chatting with each other I automatically considered myself to be similar to them..until it occurred to me that my 3-and-a-half year old daughter is closer in age to them than I am!! Oh the humanity! The horror!.. The resignation..

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