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0 Comments 5 inShare Print Email Buy Reprint By Stephanie Dolgoff An Office Where Funny Business Is Encouraged Why workplace teams that share laughs do better and more profitable work. (Yup, office yuks have been studied!) One morning around a… Continue Reading →

Great line

IVY WROTE: I’d get attention from guys in their 20s and tell them, “Look, I’m not interested in adopting.”

The circle of life

TRAYCIE WROTE: My mom was (and still is) petite. We wore the same size when I was in high school in the early 1980’s. She used to pass really cute clothes or shoes over to me by saying “It’s too young for me”. Now, here in 2012, I find myself passing on some of the cutest clothes by saying “It’s too young for me”. Dammit!

Love this post! from Autumn

This blog is my story, all over.

I am a Formerly Hot blonde..always the ‘pretty one’ in the family, never lacking for attention or dates. Fast forward…I’m now 42, mother of four blonde blessings, and yes….going through a totally-typical divorce. The funny thing is…during a fifteen-yr abusive marriage, I was brought so low that I had completely ‘let myself go’ (and I despise that saying!) Now that I’m free, I’m finally strong enough to take the time and effort to take care of ME…haircuts, highlights, tanning, whitening my teeth…and eating healthfully and exercising, of course. I had become so accustomed to being virtually invisible during my thirties that the scant attention I now still receive from men just absolutely floors me! Ah, it’s good to find that girl again. Yes, the men paying attention are my age or older, but that’s as it should be, and fine with me!

Ladies, you’re still hot…just hot now to a different demographic. Embrace it: it’s not gone! 🙂

Shape shifters

I didn’t take the cruise’s towel origami workshop, but I thought this little guy was cute I’m not a bikini person. I’ve never had a flat belly in my life, and after my twins, my norm is a not-flat belly… Continue Reading →

No comparison

Below, my latest for BestLife.com. You can read the whole thing HERE. Please feel free to comment here, there and everywhere! The End of the Comparathon Posted By Stephanie Dolgoff on March 18, 2012 Reason number 963 I’m officially glad… Continue Reading →

When commitments conflict

When to Break a Commitment Posted By Stephanie Dolgoff on February 19, 2012 I’m going through a divorce, which is hideous, as anyone who has been through one knows. Not only are you mourning the death of the family you… Continue Reading →

And the beat goes on

A reenactment of Viv’s expression when I told her that it was lead guitarist Charlotte Caffey of the Go-Gos, and not Disney Channel actress Debby Ryan, who wrote “We Got the Beat”. And that it came out when I was… Continue Reading →

The perceived safety of age

My friend Joel forwarded me this post from a blog called Finslippy–very Formerly post, and well-written to boot. I’d love your take on it…it seems the author, Alice Bradley, tried and understandably failed to find the levity in her topic…. Continue Reading →

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