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You Know You're a Formerly When…

Regular readers will forgive this rerun, but I’m hoping a bunch of fresh eyes are on the site today after the TODAY Show appearence. After watching the book trailer (above) and this and this video (oh, and maybe this one,… Continue Reading →

Ass bras and other implements of torture

Ever since I posted this little video, in which I posited that if there were a such thing as an ass bra, I would wear one, several of you have sent me links to actual ass bras. I was a… Continue Reading →

Necessity is a mother&^*&

That’s no typo. Necessity is, of course, the mother of invention (Plato, if you’re curious), but  necessity itself is a mother&^*%. I’m sick of needing things I didn’t need before, in my former life as an energetic, in-the-know, relevant young… Continue Reading →

Ask and ye shall receive

I know the economy is circling the bowl and people are fearing for their livelihood and John McCain is more than a bit tweaked, but check this the ‘ef out! A month or so after I posted about my bat… Continue Reading →

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