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A belt-and-suspenders woman

There are two reasons your jeans slide down your butt and need to be hiked up as you walk your children up the stairs to their classrooms. The first is that you’ve seamlessly integrated a healthy regimen of yoga, meditation… Continue Reading →

It's just wrong

You can’t barge into the bathroom when I’m getting ready to take a shower–my first 10 minutes to myself in 18 hours–and then scream, “Eeew, big, white naked mommy!!!!” at the top of your lungs. You can barge in, and… Continue Reading →

And so I laughed, as I have learned to do

My hair is long, but I noticed this morning in the shower that the ends were nowhere near my nipples. That was the gauge I used when I was younger to know if I needed a haircut: If my hair… Continue Reading →

My Daughters' Jeans

Flipping through the Boston Proper catalog this morning, I saw that they’re featuring Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (little trademark symbol I don’t know how to make). The above are my daughters’ actual jeans. They are seven years old. I would… Continue Reading →

Yo, you got some fries to go with that shake?

NOTE: These guys harassed no one, but they represent the kind of gauntlet I would have avoided back in the day. One of the examples of how life changes when you dip your toe into Formerly territory that really resonates… Continue Reading →

My Piece on

Stephanie Dolgoff Happy to Be “Irrelevant” In the car–and, sadly, nowhere else–I am Mixmistress Steph, DJ extraordinaire, and as such, I give my husband and kids an unparalleled musical education for which I know they are deeply grateful, even if… Continue Reading →

Arriving at FINALLY

This is Carla Birnberg, one of the incredibly together women I’ve met in doing this blog and trying to get the word out about the book. A few months back, I did a podcast with her and her friend Shauna… Continue Reading →

Formerly Hot on

Pretty cool and pretty nice of my friend Karen to mention FH! Go nuts with the tweeting! Does Sexy Have a Size? #article_byline a { text-decoration:none; } By Karen Salmansohn If you missed the new Lane Bryant commercial with the… Continue Reading →

And sure enough

I managed to ditch the crap body image at check-in. After all these years, I don’t understand how it can hover above like a dark cloud, drenching me in tepid acid rain, making me want to chow through the entirety… Continue Reading →

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