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Hollywood and whine

I’m going out to Los Angeles tomorrow to visit my best friend since freshman year of high school. We met in algebra and bonded over being able to apply eyeshadow (a Maybelline lavender trio) during class without getting caught, and… Continue Reading →

You're aging well

I’ve been meaning to post the lyrics to You’re Aging Well forever. It’s a song written and performed by a woman I went to college with, Dar Williams.

Gray is the new black (and white)

The year was 1994. The OJ trial was in its full, divisive swing; Kurt Cobain killed himself, leaving daughter Frances Bean to be raised by Mom of the Year front runner Courtney Love, and yes, Ace of Base inexplicably held… Continue Reading →

A few body image stories from SELF

Can’t recall your ATM password, but still remember the insult about your butt from a fifth-grade jerk? Turns out, body barbs affect us for years. Read on to move on.

Adventures in undergarments and other serious political commentary

Photo Courtesy of Why is it that models of slimming undergarments like Spanx (left) are never the ones who would benefit from wearing them? It’s the body image parallel to the rich getting richer, and it makes the rest… Continue Reading →

Disconnected from my body

MARGARET WROTE: The 22-year-olds can have their belly rings, I’m perfectly content not being able to FIND my belly button….

Forget loving your body. Aim low. Tolerate it.

Photo by: Joyosity, CC Licensed After much emotional homework and years of defying the media and popular culture messages that I must look slender and perfectly pert, I finally, after 30-odd years, learned to love the body I have, extra… Continue Reading →

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