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Bo Canada

Sorry for the long post drought. I have been busy–getting ready to move, work deadlines, all of that. I have a few posts queued up in my head, but for now, check this out. Sarah Hampson of the Globe and… Continue Reading →


Stop the presses: Nicole Kidman admits to using Botox. I know you’ll find that hard to believe, because, like I was, you were positive that her forehead was naturally paralyzed and weirdly waxy like those $4 apples they sell on… Continue Reading →

Tickle me Formerly

If you believe, as evolutionary biologists do, that most everything we do, feel or have dangling from our bodies must have served some evolutionary purpose, you may have wondered what the deal is with tickling. Me, I have never wondered… Continue Reading →

Let's (not) do the time warp…again

Warning: I’m in moody bitch mode, so filter my rant through a screen of tolerance and good will, if you don’t mind, and perky Steph will be back as soon as possible. The ever-chic Sarah Jessica Parker is in Elle… Continue Reading →

The pressure to look young is hitting the already-young!

This piece from Shine is just too true. I feel lucky to have not worried about getting old when I was still in my 20s, like many women today. Yeah, I worried about being fat, even though I wasn’t, but… Continue Reading →

You go, Marisa Tomei!

I’m not a starf**cker, generally speaking. As Us magazine takes pains to point out each week, they’re just like us: gas-pumping, coffee-buying, child-schlepping bipeds, wearing hats to hide bad hair days, wading their way through marital swampland, and probably freaking… Continue Reading →

Running for Botox

My positively stunning friend Judith was just told by a dermatologist that she was “the perfect candidate for Botox.” I don’t yet have the full story, so I don’t know if the remark was solicited or simply offered as helpful… Continue Reading →

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