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Oooh, Brooke, I feel you

Brooke Shields, one of the few actresses I can see playing the main deluxe Formerly in the (thinking positively!) future megahit sitcom based on my book on ABC went on Ellen and told her that she could still fit into… Continue Reading →

Come back, Lisa Kudrow!

In New York Magazine this week, the former Phoebe on Friends, reasserted herself as someone I totally respect. (Weirdly, I can’t find the piece online to link to–sorry.) When my friends and I sit and drunkenly fantasize about My Formerly… Continue Reading →

She who laughs first

My first cognizance of Jenny McCarthy was back in 1997, when folks were all atwitter (in their low-tech, pre-Twitter way) about those Candie’s shoes ads she did, which featured her smiling up from her perch on the toilet. Call me… Continue Reading →

Pre-caffeination, anyone?

Someone needs to invent an alarm clock that’s rigged to an IV coffee drip, so that 20 minutes before your actual wake up time, a slow stream of stimulant begins to tick its way through your bloodstream up to your… Continue Reading →

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