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Screw Mother's Day

A post I did for my friend Louise over at Not grumpy! Just tired! This sentence is purely so I can put an exclamation point after it! Divorce Published on May 6th, 2015 | by Stephanie Dolgoff A Single… Continue Reading →

IKEA existentialism

I spent all yesterday morning in a certain kind of Hemnes hell that anyone who has ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture–especially one with casters and drawers and 17 similar but not interchangeable screws–is familiar with. But my gals… Continue Reading →

When commitments conflict

When to Break a Commitment Posted By Stephanie Dolgoff on February 19, 2012 I’m going through a divorce, which is hideous, as anyone who has been through one knows. Not only are you mourning the death of the family you… Continue Reading →

In the feast phase

Hi, all, I have been nuts with work, for which I am beyond grateful, considering the state of the economy and how many capable people are scratching the dusty ground for whatever they can get. Like many things in life… Continue Reading →

Skipping dessert for now

The other night, a bunch of us were out at Souen, this superhealthy, macrobiotic restaurant near Union Square, which has been serving patchouli-scented, hummus-eating healthy people since the early ’70s. This was at the request of my friend Julie, who… Continue Reading →

Compliments of the gentleman

My best friend Julie is in from LA and we went to this little Thai place near my house. We’ve been friends since we were 14, and would be locked in conversation even if we saw each other every day,… Continue Reading →

Putting your Kids Second (HuffPo)

Big grumpy controversial piece from June 2011. You can read it here.

Off topic

A little piece I did for HuffPo… Stephanie Dolgoff When Kids Come Second My husband and I have split up, and although it was my decision to leave and it remains the right one, it sucks. We were married almost… Continue Reading →

The sofa as a metaphor for relationships

Today they tried to deliver my new couch and we found that the made-in-California plum softsuede behemoth didn’t fit into my rinky-dink New York City elevator. The driver had to shlep it back to the warehouse. After thwacking myself repeatedly… Continue Reading →

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