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Life in quotation marks

I stopped by Whole Foods this morning after dropping my kids at school (the only non-carb my daughter Vivian will eat is the overpriced organic beef jerky) and ran into an old friend, Allen, on the checkout line. As often… Continue Reading →

Mother's Day Musings: Between a Mom and a Hard Place

One day, your mom is the blankety-blank who you CANNOT BELIEVE won’t let you get your own phone line in your bedroom, or is making you A TOTAL OUTCAST by refusing to dip into your orthodontia fund to buy you… Continue Reading →

An argument for lying about your age

It’s my birthday today, and here’s a secret: I’m 43. OK, it’s not much of a secret, because I am lucky enough to have tons of friends from childhood who know my  age, my birth date is up on my… Continue Reading →

No, I am not kidding you

This made me laugh so hard I couldn’t not share it. My friend Janine–who is, like this singer Kate Miller-Heidke, a serious bad-ass–sent it to me. It speaks to the unique position of people our age who went around dating… Continue Reading →

Formerly naive

Things are generally more complicated than they seem. That’s something you learn as a Formerly, or at some point before then, but usually after college, when things are pretty simple: War is wrong, men are dicks, sisterhood is powerful and… Continue Reading →

Still acceptably young

This is going to be a quickie because I must get out the door, but a woman named Tracy Young, who I don’t know, just posed a comment on Facebook which I thought was spot-on. She was responding to a… Continue Reading →

No mirrors, please!

A colleague and I were yammering about those cringe-worthy blackmail photos your friends from grade school put up on Facebook (see one of mine, age 11ish, above). We concluded that such an awkward, gawky, face-for-radio phase of life is good… Continue Reading →

Facebook's facelift = one Formerly's freakout

Like most little kids, I worshiped my grandparents. They were infinitely patient, thought I was a superior child, fulfilled my modest dreams of Dawn dolls and snow globes and let me eat peaches canned in sugary syrup and have White… Continue Reading →

We'll never starve

On the very day last week that I was having a full blown shallow-breath panic attack about the economy (yet another magazine that was supposedly doing just dandy bit the big one) my friend from college, Rachel, happened to send… Continue Reading →

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