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Out of the primordial ooze

Much has been written here and here and here about the comfort/style balance, particularly as it pertains to footwear, and how as as I surge forward deeper into Formerlydom, it is ever more precarious. Even since I began this blog… Continue Reading →

The return of the replacements

I still shop at Urban Outfitters sometimes. Not for my main wardrobe–the grunge heroin ’80s waif thing isn’t really working for me now that I’m 43 and not underweight, not that I ever was. But for t shirts and thermals,… Continue Reading →

My Formerly Hot Life in Styles (NY Times)

I’m just trying to get through the day with something to cover my sun-deprived mom bod like most other Formerlies. But I love love love this piece. Feel free to rebut any of the snarky comments (I stopped reading after… Continue Reading →

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