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This plain scared me

I’m in the middle of moving (big Formerly moment, sending out my new snail mail address and land line phone number, like I have more than five actual human friends who visit me elsewhere than Facebook) so this will be… Continue Reading →

And so I laughed, as I have learned to do

My hair is long, but I noticed this morning in the shower that the ends were nowhere near my nipples. That was the gauge I used when I was younger to know if I needed a haircut: If my hair… Continue Reading →

It's Formerly/Finally FRIDAY!!

Woo-hoo! Oh, you’d like to know what that is? Well, lemme tell you: It’s a brand new weekly tradition in the grand tradition of traditions. Every week on Friday (unless I forget, but I’m going to write it on my … Continue Reading →

5-year-olds don't lie

OK, they do, but it’s usually like, “I didn’t break that,” or “I’ve got a giraffe in my house,” and not when they’re commenting about your appearance. I drop my girls off at school this morning. It was a terrible,… Continue Reading →

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