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You go, Marisa Tomei!

I’m not a starf**cker, generally speaking. As Us magazine takes pains to point out each week, they’re just like us: gas-pumping, coffee-buying, child-schlepping bipeds, wearing hats to hide bad hair days, wading their way through marital swampland, and probably freaking… Continue Reading →

More things I know now

That “skinny jeans” are only skinny if you’re skinny That any jacket can be a fitted jacket, if you’ve put on enough weight That I am not, nor was I ever, skinny If I am ever skinny in the future,… Continue Reading →

What I know now

There have been many instances in which I’ve said, “If I only knew then what I know now.” But then when I look at what I know now, it doesn’t seem like anything I’d ever want to apply in retrospect…. Continue Reading →

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