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Sitting at the cool table

Remember in junior high, how you’d carry your cardboard lunch tray through the gauntlet between cafeteria tables, warily looking for a place to eat your mystery meat and drink your milk out of the carton? The definition of a dork… Continue Reading →

Veronica's a betty

The fam and I went to a blowout all-day barbecue eatfest at my friend Kely’s this past Sunday, and I got to hang out with some of her neighborhood friends, very cool women with whom I felt instantly comfortable. The… Continue Reading →

Just sayin'

Not all aging is bad. Not in the slightest. Check this out: It’s called 11 Yearbook Photos that Musicians Wish We’d Never Seen. It’ll take a few minutes. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Wasn’t that something?

Apres le delusion

So I had a terrific time at a little high school get-together at this bar I used to go to when I was 16 or 17. That was before Jennifer Levin was killed in Central Park after leaving as similar… Continue Reading →

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