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Veronica's a betty

The fam and I went to a blowout all-day barbecue eatfest at my friend Kely’s this past Sunday, and I got to hang out with some of her neighborhood friends, very cool women with whom I felt instantly comfortable. The… Continue Reading →

Redefining hot

Hi, folks, There has been some understandable confusion about what I mean when I use the term “hot,” as in Formerly Hot, or no longer hot, or when I was hot. Once in awhile, I’ll get an email from a… Continue Reading →

Lemme clarify something

A number of people, mostly women, have told me that they find Formerly Hot a little annoying. Shocking, I know. I was shocked, too. Their reasoning: Here I am, going on and on about no longer being hot, while in… Continue Reading →

Formerly able to turn the world on with her smile

When stopped by the police for some small, non-lethal infraction, I used to be able to be at least hot enough or cute enough to get out of the ticket.

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