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So not special

Early readers of this blog (and my book) might remember a post I did on jeans shopping and how traumatic (in that not-traumatic-compared-to-a-breast-biopsy-but-still-no-fun way) it can be.  In case you don’t or have time to click the above link, I… Continue Reading →

A belt-and-suspenders woman

There are two reasons your jeans slide down your butt and need to be hiked up as you walk your children up the stairs to their classrooms. The first is that you’ve seamlessly integrated a healthy regimen of yoga, meditation… Continue Reading →


On the particular crappy spot women our age find ourselves in, vis-a-vis body image. As opposed to the crappy spot women of any age are in vis-a-vis body image. Sigh. On the upside, I would say the women I speak… Continue Reading →

My Daughters' Jeans

Flipping through the Boston Proper catalog this morning, I saw that they’re featuring Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (little trademark symbol I don’t know how to make). The above are my daughters’ actual jeans. They are seven years old. I would… Continue Reading →

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