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Cut Chelsea a break, people

People are ragging on Chelsea Handler for doing a sucky job hosting MTV’s Video Music Awards the other night. Of course I didn’t watch the VMAs. In fact, in the last decade, I’ve been totally oblivious to them until Kanye… Continue Reading →

My Piece on

Stephanie Dolgoff Happy to Be “Irrelevant” In the car–and, sadly, nowhere else–I am Mixmistress Steph, DJ extraordinaire, and as such, I give my husband and kids an unparalleled musical education for which I know they are deeply grateful, even if… Continue Reading →

Lady My Muffintop speaks!

You know when you’re at a party or a school function with women you don’t know well, and something happens that strikes you as absurd or annoying or worthy of an eye-roll. You scan the crowd, looking for a comrade… Continue Reading →

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