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Yo mama's a what?

Urban Formerlies might remember “snaps,” those one-liners about one’s mother that were popular around the 7th grade. One kid would insult another kid’s mother in a way that was so corny and over the top that he couldn’t possibly take… Continue Reading →

First vanity sizing. Now vanity aging.

Did you guys see that article in the New York Times about how middle-aged women aren’t allowed to have long hair? Really? Who knew? I didn’t get the memo, and neither apparently did those women you see at state fairs… Continue Reading →

Adventures in Book Whoredom, part MXVI

When we last left our heroine (almost wrote heroin…gives you a sense of my stress level–OMG, Mom, JOKE!) she was slutting herself out in every imaginable way to get the word out about her book. Except the most obvious way,… Continue Reading →

Howdy, haters!

Insane. Hilarious. I’ve never had haters before. OK, maybe in junior high because I did finally convince my mom to spring for the overpriced Sassoon jeans and those, naturally, inspired jealousy. I can’t say that I love the rage or… Continue Reading →

My Formerly Hot Life in Styles (NY Times)

I’m just trying to get through the day with something to cover my sun-deprived mom bod like most other Formerlies. But I love love love this piece. Feel free to rebut any of the snarky comments (I stopped reading after… Continue Reading →

Sex and the City and Formerlies

I haven’t seen the movie (yet), but this bit in the New York Times (thumbs down) review of Sex and the City II had a bit that jumped out at me: “If they seem less wonderful now, it isn’t because… Continue Reading →

Formerly Hot, Ph.D.

I cannot wait to get my increasingly less-youthful looking hands on FACE IT, a new book by two former models who are now shrinks. From what I am gathering from the New York Times piece on them, Drs. Vivian Diller… Continue Reading →

I'm rockin' that belly pooch

I don’t know if you saw this week’s Style section in the New York Times, but just in case you missed it, it was a charming little piece about how hipster dudes, gay and straight alike, all over New York… Continue Reading →

Rich but still not young and definitely insane

When a friend sent me a link to a fashion piece in today’s New York Times, and I did my initial skim, I was psyched. One sentence jumped out at me: “Can a woman over 35 really hope to find… Continue Reading →

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