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Jane's about face

Jane Fonda is the latest celeb to be honest about getting her slackening facial skin tightened up a touch. Apparently she had some work done back in 2000, and then made a pact with Sally Field that she wouldn’t again…. Continue Reading →

An argument for lying about your age

It’s my birthday today, and here’s a secret: I’m 43. OK, it’s not much of a secret, because I am lucky enough to have tons of friends from childhood who know my  age, my birth date is up on my… Continue Reading →

Damned if they do, damned if they don't

So apparently Demi Moore, 47 in November, has denied in French Marie Claire she’s had any plastic surgery at all to look as she does–which is to say, fantastic and no more than 30. According to the Daily Mail, this… Continue Reading →

We'll never starve

On the very day last week that I was having a full blown shallow-breath panic attack about the economy (yet another magazine that was supposedly doing just dandy bit the big one) my friend from college, Rachel, happened to send… Continue Reading →

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