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If this woman were holding a sign, it would say “FORMERLY AMBITIOUS.” And if she were not afraid of what her future employers might think, she’d show her face. Suffice to say she’s a friend of mine who has done… Continue Reading →

I killed chivalry

This morning, this guy got up and offered me his seat on the subway. That never happens. Truly, never. When I was pregnant with my twins, I remember having to foist my Bosu-ball sized belly into the face of the… Continue Reading →

An open letter to Jennifer Aniston

Dear Jen, I don’t think you look pregnant. And if this opinion persists, here’s hoping that you are (if, of course, you’d like to be, as so many “friends” and “sources” close to you have revealed exclusively to In Touch,… Continue Reading →

Formerly did not look pregnant

FROM CHRISTINA: Yesterday my older daughter told me twice that i look pregnant even though i don’t have a baby in my tummy. the first time was in the super shop and stop when i was at the dunkin’ donuts

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