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So now "cougars" are age 27 and up

First of all, vomit. Did Time really have to headline this piece “The Science of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust”? It’s a report on a study by evolutionary psychologist David Buss, the guy at UT Austin who explains much… Continue Reading →

A cougar? Not me. Ow.

I’ve not taken an official stance on the term cougar and all that it signifies, because what it signifies has been rather shape-shifty. Also, I’m married, so I haven’t had occasion to be personally offended by this particular slur. For… Continue Reading →

Party on, meat puppets

Salon reports today that language mavens in Germany have decided upon the “youth word of the year for 2008.” Drum roll, please…it’s gammelfleischparty, which translates to “spoiled meat party.” According to Salon, gammelfleishparty is,

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