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Howdy, haters!

Insane. Hilarious. I’ve never had haters before. OK, maybe in junior high because I did finally convince my mom to spring for the overpriced Sassoon jeans and those, naturally, inspired jealousy. I can’t say that I love the rage or… Continue Reading →

'Nuff said

My friend Sara and I had a running gag back when I worked at Self. Whenever one of us would come across a study that proved something that was so patently obvious we couldn’t believe anyone would fund the research,… Continue Reading →

Formerly Hot is getting some buzz!

Whaddaya know about that? Check this all out! Self Magazine‘s editors decided in the June 2009 issue that Formerly Hot is a blog they love! I have a piece in Redbook this month about turning 40 (which I did two… Continue Reading →

Why I will never be a cat lady

This is a bit off topic for me, for which I apologize, particularly to new readers who are coming to Formerly Hot via More or Redbook or Self. I normally write about life as a Formerly, that weird tween phase… Continue Reading →

Lucky and well aware of it

Good news for this Formerly this week! Check out this shout out for Formerly Hot in SELF magazine! I hope it brings scads of people to the site. Is your computer getting warmer? Mine is. Must be the stampeding hordes…. Continue Reading →

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