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You go, Marisa Tomei!

I’m not a starf**cker, generally speaking. As Us magazine takes pains to point out each week, they’re just like us: gas-pumping, coffee-buying, child-schlepping bipeds, wearing hats to hide bad hair days, wading their way through marital swampland, and probably freaking… Continue Reading →

Lady My Muffintop speaks!

You know when you’re at a party or a school function with women you don’t know well, and something happens that strikes you as absurd or annoying or worthy of an eye-roll. You scan the crowd, looking for a comrade… Continue Reading →

Sex and the City and Formerlies

I haven’t seen the movie (yet), but this bit in the New York Times (thumbs down) review of Sex and the City II had a bit that jumped out at me: “If they seem less wonderful now, it isn’t because… Continue Reading →

Shine on, Shinehead!

JOSH WROTE: People always used to say I resembled John McEnroe, because of my curly dark hair. Now, on a good day, they say I look like Charlotte’s husband on Sex and the City. On a bad day, they say I look like George Costanza.

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