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Guest post: Karen Catalan

Hi, folks, People ask about dating as a Formerly, and I can’t speak to that from personal experience. So when Karen offered her perspective on love and sex as a Formerly, I was grateful. (Karen actually used to babysit me… Continue Reading →

Angry Formerly Dude SPEAKS

And y’all better listen up, because he’s PISSED!  I posted his comment in its entirety here, but I couldn’t resist giving BB a bit more prominent a spot. One or two of you must have gone on a date with him back in… Continue Reading →

So now "cougars" are age 27 and up

First of all, vomit. Did Time really have to headline this piece “The Science of Cougar Sex: Why Older Women Lust”? It’s a report on a study by evolutionary psychologist David Buss, the guy at UT Austin who explains much… Continue Reading →

Our Bodies, The Return Policy

So I’m up in Maine with the family and a group friends at a rented vacation home. The kids are sacked out and there’s about 25 minutes of puppetry of the pundits on MSNBC before the dulcet tones of Obama… Continue Reading →

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