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Out of the primordial ooze

Much has been written here and here and here about the comfort/style balance, particularly as it pertains to footwear, and how as as I surge forward deeper into Formerlydom, it is ever more precarious. Even since I began this blog… Continue Reading →

The sofa as a metaphor for relationships

Today they tried to deliver my new couch and we found that the made-in-California plum softsuede behemoth didn’t fit into my rinky-dink New York City elevator. The driver had to shlep it back to the warehouse. After thwacking myself repeatedly… Continue Reading →

My Formerly Hot Life in Styles (NY Times)

I’m just trying to get through the day with something to cover my sun-deprived mom bod like most other Formerlies. But I love love love this piece. Feel free to rebut any of the snarky comments (I stopped reading after… Continue Reading →

Plus ça change

I was looking at shoes today, and while I was browsing, the store phone rang. “Don’t call here or the other location anymore,” the young woman working there said with an authority I never had at her age (somewhere in… Continue Reading →

Formerly hot, currently smart

I’m thinking what I’ve lost in objective hotness I’ve gained in common sense and the ability to reason.  (I’m using the term “objective hotness” so my husband doesn’t try to reassure me that I’m still hot to him or at… Continue Reading →

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