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Put my foot where, exactly?

I am now taking the kind of yoga class my younger self would have considered not efficient enough (sure, relaxation, but no “real” workout), a class that I would have deemed vaguely for pussies and the elderly. Clearly I am… Continue Reading →

You're aging well

I’ve been meaning to post the lyrics to You’re Aging Well forever. It’s a song written and performed by a woman I went to college with, Dar Williams.

Formerly YOUNG

NATALIE WROTE: As I looked around the room of mostly young women chatting with each other I automatically considered myself to be similar to them..until it occurred to me that my 3-and-a-half year old daughter is closer in age to them than I am!! Oh the humanity! The horror!.. The resignation..

Formerly a vegetable steamer

I used to work at a magazine, Real Simple, that has a feature called New Uses for Old Things. It was my favorite section, even though there was no way on God’s increasingly less green Earth that I’d ever try… Continue Reading →

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